10 Favorite Beauty & Lifestyle YouTube Channels

Favorite beauty/lifestyle channels on YouTubeHow many of you like to watch YouTube?  I got into it a few years ago, mainly because I love getting inspiration from watching makeup tutorials.  However, I’ve started to enjoy a few specific channels that I continue to watch and I wanted to share them with you (in no particular order).

Brianna Stanko (Premier Look) – I love watching Brianna because she is as obsessed with skincare as I am!  She owns the website www.premierlook.com which sells all medical-grade skincare products.  She also does fashion and other topics too.  Her channel is great to watch to get updates on latest trends in skincare (I.e. stem cell technology) and different brands in the medical- grade skincare space.  She is not pushy or sales-y and I really enjoy catching her videos.

Pretty Neat Living I’ve been following Jen for years now.  Every time I watch her I get so inspired to be more organized in my home!  Her topics range from organization to beauty to travel to mommy topics (she has a toddler and a baby on the way). I love her Midwestern charm and she seems like a truly lovely person.

Jaime Paige Beauty – Jaime is a twenty-something living in Canada, and what I love about her is that she brings a maturity and knowledge to all things makeup.  Her makeup tutorials can easily transfer into wearable every day looks and she gives very thorough product reviews.  She also does great videos where she finds less expensive dupes for more luxury products.

Casey Holmes – Casey is from the south and recently moved up to NY state with her military husband, Davis.  She has a main beauty channel where she does great tutorials and product reviews, and also has a vlog channel where she brings us along into her everyday life.  I love her southern charm and she is a huge animal lover who also spotlights her two dogs, Daisy and Rose, on her vlog channel.

Dominique Sachese – Dominique is a news anchor in Texas that has a YouTube channel that covers beauty and lifestyle.  She has taken the camera with her to get injectables (Botox) and lash extensions which I love to watch.  I also like to see her behind-the-scenes glimpse into her life as a news anchor.

beauty inspiration from YouTube

Busbee Style – Erin runs a YouTube channel and a blog focused on fashion for women over-40.  I love when she takes us into the dressing room at any clothing store she is at and lets us see some of the latest styles on a real body.  She also was a great resource during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, highlighting items she felt were a great deal and wardrobe staple.    That sale can be very overwhelming, but I felt I was prepared and made really good decisions with her advice.

Kathleen Lights – Kathleen Lights is pretty well known in the beauty community on YouTube.  She has a fun-spirited personality which makes her so much fun to watch.  She also has launched a nail polish line, called KL Polish which is one of my favorite nail polishes that I have also written about here.  Her eye color is similar to mine, so I’ve had a lot of luck buying eyeliners and eye shadows that she uses that I find are very flattering to my color.  She also really does a great job balancing drugstore products with higher end products; many of the great drugstore finds I’ve made are on her recommendations!

Alexandrea Garza – I’ve watched Alex for years, since before she got married.  Now she’s been married a couple of years and recently announced that she and her husband Michael are expecting their first child!  She has a great sense of style and I have learned a lot from her make-up and hair tutorials.  She also has a vlog channel with her husband that I like to watch.  They are such a young adorable couple and they’ve done quite a bit of traveling lately (to Italy and France) and they’ve shared a lot of great places with their viewers.

Hot and Flashy – This is Angie’s channel.  She takes her subscribers along with her on her anti-aging journey.  Angie is another skin care junkie (like me) and gives extremely thorough product reviews, complete with before and after pictures.  She is lovely and looks fantastic (I believe she is in  her early 50s).  I like her take on make-up products for more mature skin (like mine) since a lot of the other You-tubers I watch are in their twenties so some products will not work as well for me as it does for them!  She also has a great sense of style and I look forward to her seasonal look books to get outfit ideas.

Tati (GlamLifeGuru) – Tati is literally the queen of YouTube; I believe she has over 3 million subscribers! That is just staggering, but you know what?  She puts out great content and literally has new videos every day, which is much more than the other channels.  I don’t watch everyday, but there is a lot of different content you can check out.  I do like her thorough and honest product reviews, which is the main reason I watch.  She also tries out some strange beauty products that you’ve probably never heard of, which I find pretty entertaining.

Why do I tune in to these channels?  I don’t know but there is something about each of these women that I can relate to or that I find endearing.  I also feel they are knowledgeable about the subjects that they post on their channels, and, after watching them for so long, I start to think of them as if they are my friends.  I’d love to know what YouTube channels you like to tune into regularly for entertainment or inspiration.